Founded in 1995 by Augusto João dos Santos Silva, Termofeira’s main activity is the installation of AVAC equipment (Central Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and is today an indisputable reference in the area of Maintenance and Technical Assistance of equipment of this market segment .

With a highly motivated and constantly-trained team, Termofeira presents superior work, creating integrated and flexible solutions tailored to the needs and expectations of each of its clients.

This position, has been valid to Termofeira the recognition and trust of the markets where it operates.

Thank all our customers.


– Entidade certificada pela eiC  9001:2015 com o nº 4421   (+ info)
– Entidade certificada pela eiC  14001:2015 com o nº 0582   (+ info)
– Entidade certificada pela eiC  18001:2007 com o nº 0420   (+ info)
– Entidade acreditada pela ANPC com o registo nº 989
– Entidade certificada pela CERTIF em Gases Fluorados com o nº SAC-06/2013 (+ info)
– Alvará construção nº 39068 ( + info)

Technical staff

We have a highly qualified technical staff to respond and present adequate solutions to each project entrusted to us.

From this technical staff we highlight the Engineering in the areas of:

– Fluids and Heat
– Electrotechnology
– Industrial maintenence

Certified technicians

– TIM III – Installation and Maintenance Technician for Air Conditioning Systems> 100 KW
– TIM II – Installation and Maintenance Technician for Air Conditioning Systems <100 KW
– Technicians Group A, B and C – Fluid Handling ODS (Decree-Law no. 35/2008)
– Technicians Category I – Handling of Fluorinated Gases (Decree-Law no. 56/2011)
– Buildings Fire Safety Technicians (ANPC)
– Copper Welders
– Electricity Technicians
– Thermal Solar Installers
– Mechanical Engineer
– Gas Technician
– Gas Appliance Installer